Q&A: Does Nexus have a “read only” mode?


A Client Asked:
Does Nexus have a “read only” mode? I want to move the “sonatype-work” folder to a new location. I don’t want new artifacts to be deployed while that is in process, but I do want to keep Nexus running online. Is this possible?

Sonatype Support Answered:
No, there isn’t currently a global “read only” mode for Nexus.

In any case, you probably don’t want to copy the entire work directory while Nexus is running. The best approach is to do one selected copy while Nexus is running normally, then shut down the instance and do a delta copy to pick up any changes which may have happened since the original copy was started.

See here for details.


Rich Seddon, Manager QE/Support at Sonatype

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