Nexus for .NET Developers: New Series

Damir Arh

Author, Damir Arh

NuGet package manager for .NET framework has been steadily gaining popularity since it was first released in 2011. Today most of the open source libraries are distributed as NuGet packages and slowly even the commercial library vendors are starting to explore this distribution channel.

The way has been led by Microsoft, lately using NuGet for out-of band releases of their own frameworks.

As a consequence almost every .NET developer is already taking advantage of basic NuGet features, such as package discoverability and dependency management. This is only the first step and NuGet can offer much more, when you start creating your own packages and package sources. Once you reach the limits of its capabilities, there are third party products, which can take you even further. Sonatype Nexus is a renowned repository manager for Java, which also includes NuGet specific features. Some of the features are also available in the Nexus OSS, its open source edition, making it more interesting for non-Java developers.

This series of articles will introduce Sonatype Nexus step-by-step from the initial setup to the configuration and usage scenarios for individual NuGet related features; all from the point of view of a .NET developer with next to no Java development experience.

About the Author

Damir Arh has been involved with Microsoft technologies, since he has been a student. He has many years of experience with development and maintenance of complex enterprise software in the field of document management, insurance, and process management. Recently he has shown increased interest in the heterogeneous ecosystem of mobile devices and cross-platform development.

Damir is always looking for tools and processes to make development easier and more manageable, making him a big proponent of test driven development, continuous integration and continuous deployment. He coauthored a book on NuGet – the package manager for .NET framework.

He likes to share his knowledge with others by answering questions on Stack Overflow, blogging and regularly speaking at local user groups and conferences. For his contributions to the community he is an awarded Microsoft MVP since 2012.


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