The DevOps Pipeline: People, Process, and Tooling – New Series

Author, Chris Riley

Author, Chris Riley

I’m sure you have heard of DevOps? Love it or hate it, it is a term that is here to stay, for now at least. What is important to realize about DevOps is that it has two faces. There is the movement and the function. And the too do not even smell alike.

Many companies are doing DevOps without calling it such, and some actually give groups the DevOps title. In any case DevOps benefits all development teams.. The movement is where we are all caught up and the tensions rises. It’s sometimes fluff, and sometimes valuable.

I want to talk with you about this stuff. How does DevOps, People, Process, and Tooling fit in the area of Component Management. And how can you adapt the benefits of faster releases, better software quality, and security found in the DevOps practices, whether you label it as such or not.

Join the adventure with me as we explore how component security is an important aspect not only with the developer, but also in Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD).

Who am I, Chris Riley? I am a bad coder turned product manager and product strategist. I have lived software development in the Java world for several years, but in those days the tooling was extremely disconnected from the process, and it seemed you spent more time with tools than coding.

I have also felt the pains of component security for a web application for personality surveys and indexing. It hurt, and it made me realize the importance of knowing what is going on with third party libraries in my application.

The development world is transitioning in such a way that everyone on the team needs to have some business, product, and governance acumen. I want to help heads down coders quickly learn about development processes, and challenges. And not waste their time on trivial marketing pitches that get them nowhere.

Reach out and let me know your pains or strengths in the development space. And I will share with you stories of teams taking the software development world one step further.

About the Author

Chris (@hoardinginfo) Riley breaths software development. He is not your typical tech guy, he came from the world of heads down software development. Realize the gap between developers  and operations, and developers and business he felt the need to help developers advance their understanding of these areas.  He is a regular author and speaker in the areas of DevOps, Development Governance, People, Process, and Tooling.

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