How We Do It: New Series

Author, Mark Kilby

Author, Mark Kilby

This post marks what we hope to be the first of many glimpses into Sonatype Engineering. As our engineering group expands, we want to connect with two groups in particular:  customers and potential new employees.  For these groups, we want to illustrate how Sonatype engineering is constantly evolving to solve new problems for customers, how we “eat our own dog food”, and how we leverage agile and lean principles to quickly develop new features with our completely distributed engineering team.

For customers, this gives insights into the quality maintained by Sonatype engineering while rapidly responding to customers needs.  We live as you do: working in a distributed manner to leverage the best talent wherever we find that talent.  With our roots in the open source community, we are comfortable working and connecting with colleagues around the globe and building strong teams to deliver the products you need.

For those interested in joining our engineering team, we want to give you a view into the life of an engineer at Sonatype.  Being in a completely distributed engineering team can be an adjustment, but also provides tremendous personal rewards.  We believe it allows us to attract the best and brightest beyond our current networks.  Some of our unique approaches to distributed agile practices allow us great flexibility in business and personal goals.

Our goal is to publish engineering blog posts twice a month that highlight: technologies and agile processes we use, profiling some of our technologies and employees, and describing how we innovate.  We hope you enjoy these views into Sonatype Engineering.  If you have particular topics you are interested in, let us know in the comments below.

About the Author

Author, Mark KilbyMark Kilby is an Agile software project mentor helping organizations achieve profound productivity, increased quality, and intense customer loyalty to rapidly adapt and thrive in today’s marketplace.

His interests include organizational change breakthrough methods, collaboration techniques and technologies for distributed and co-located teams as well as automation of software construction to allow developers to focus on craftsmanship and quality.

Specialties:Retrospectives, organizational change, and coaching distributed teams and stakeholders on continuous collaboration.

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